Travel Website Wireframes

Low-Fidelity Prototype 1


Low-Fidelity Prototype 2


Low-Fidelity Prototype 3


High-Fidelity Prototype 3


High-Fidelity Prototype 3 Menus and Affinity Diagram


October 2013

This project was for the INFO 360: Design Thinking course. For a conceptual design of a hypothetical travel website, deliverables created include three low-fidelity wireframes for the home page, and one higher-fidelity wireframe based on the recommended low-fidelity wireframe.

Also included are descriptions for the drop-down menus in the higher-fidelity prototype, and an affinity diagram.

My Contribution

Based on the content requirements determined for the home page of the website, I created three low-fidelity wireframes for the proposed layout of the home page. The preferred layout of the three wireframes is used to create a high-fidelity wireframe.

Accompanying the high-fidelity wireframe are specifications for the menus, which provide a guide of how the website pages can be organized. Also included is an affinity diagram showing user features being grouped based on similarities.

Skills Applied
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframing